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Why do I think this is an AMAZING idea?

Well we live in a society where women are constantly judged by men and each other. We are in desperate need of positive media where we celebrate ourselves and each other. Cause we girls ROCK and we are amazing as we are and we shouldn’t be bringing each other down. We should embrace each other.

So I think we should all just take a moment to tell the world who we think rocks. If you don’t feel comfortable making a video, you can take a phota write a note to go with it, write about her. If you still don’t want to do that, tweet it, facebook it. At least tell the rocking girl in your life THAT SHE ROCKS! cause she should know.

It’s time for some positive media.

"Life is for living, so you got to dive in, your the one driving, keep your eyes on the road"

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